I was born and raised in Idaho.   I lived in the same house until I moved away for college.  I attended BYU Idaho where I went to school 2 years as a full time student.  After I received my associates degree I made the decision to serve a mission for our church.  I Served for 18 months as a missionary for the Australia Adelaide Mission.  It was an amazing experience.   I have three brothers and two sisters.  I’m blessed to have a close relationship with family.  All five of my brothers and sisters are artists, teachers, or a combination of the two.  I love photography; at the moment, our son is my number one model.  Throughout my life, I have had opportunities to work closely with many autistic children.  These experiences have taught me that I have the ability to teach and love all children, even the ones that require an added measure of patience.  I am a genuinely happy and optimistic person and I try to share my joy with those around me.  I know that the most important role I have in this life is to be a mother.  I am very blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with our son.  It's the greatest job in the world!