Elijah is now 3!!  UPDATE COMING SOON

Elijah is growing up so quick. He's becoming a very independent little guy. He likes to do things for himself. In fact, he's more likely to eat his dinner if I let him dish it up himself. He likes to eat healthy foods, his favorite snacks include cheese, cucumbers, strawberries, grapes, and chips. He's usually willing to try new things. It's funny to watch him try something he doesn't like. He takes a bite, makes a face, and then he proceeds to take another bite. He will normally take two or three bites of something before he makes his decision. Elijah loves cars and balls. He is constantly throwing balls around the house and driving his little cars on just about anything. He sometimes even drives his little car on my arm. It's fun to listen to the sound effects he makes. He loves to climb, he is constantly climbing on top of everything. He has pretty good balance, he's only fallen a few times. He's learned basic sign language by observing other children at church. I'm pretty impressed that he learned it on his own. He observed that when the other kids did the sign for more they would get a treat. He quickly learned that this worked for him as well. He can sign the words MORE, PLEASE, and THANK YOU. Every day it seems like he is talking more and more. Common words he knows include: MOM, DAD, PLEASE, BALL, SHOES,CHEESE, WHAT'S THAT, KEYS, OH NO!, YA, HI, BYE, DEE DO (dee do means that he wants something, he gets pretty frustrated when I don't guess instantly what it could be.) When we ask him a question he often begins his reply with a mmmm sound like he's thinking followed by ya, or something I can't interpret. Elijah is a very loving and affectionate little boy. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He's pretty good at giving kisses on the phone, he's got the sound effect down MMMWWAAA! He loves to wave at everyone, especially people in cars. Actually I think he may be waiving at the car itself. He loves cars and trucks. When we are in a parking lot I usually have to pick him up and carry him because he wants to break into every car he sees. One of his favorite thing to do is sit in a real car and play with the steering wheel. He also loves the water, he loves to drink it, splash in it, dump it all over the place. He pretty much loves everything about water. I'm looking forward to this summer. We will be spending the majority of it playing in the water. He's an amazing little boy! We love him so much!