A Letter From Karen

To the Mother of our Future Child
            For some time now I have felt strongly like I needed to write to you.  It's not an easy task to write a letter so personal to someone I have not yet met.   For the past seven months I have had an overwhelming feeling that a very special child is waiting to join our family.   This feeling has remained with me every moment of every day.  I've been praying for a sense of peace and patience.   I know that things will work out.
            I want you to know that I've been praying for you as well.   I've often heard the phrase, "you can't choose your family."  In most cases this is true.  In the world of adoption, choosing a family takes on a whole new meaning.   Mothers making an adoption plan have hundreds of families to choose from.  I can't begin to imagine how overwhelming this must feel.   I'm not writing this letter to convince you that we are perfect parents.   My intention is not to persuade you to choose me as an adoptive mother.  I know that if we are the right family for you and your child, you won't need persuading.  You will know it in your heart.  
            I remember holding our newborn son in my arms and looking into his eyes.  He spoke to me, not with words, but I understood him just the same.  He wanted me to take care of his mother.  He wanted me to love her.  From that moment on I felt a great connection to her.   We are family.   We have a relationship that only those who have experienced adoption can truly understand.  She will always be the mother of my child, and I will always be the mother of her child.   A mothers love is a powerful thing.   I am overjoyed that my child has not one, but two mothers to offer love, support, and prayers.  
            Sometimes the unknowns in life can be scary.  We have an open adoption relationship with our son's birth family.   The unknown of what our next adoption will bring is scary and exciting at the same time. I worry about things that are out of my control.   What if you don't like me? What if you don't want to remain in contact?  I'm also filled with excitement.  I know that you are one amazing girl!   I'm hopeful that you will desire a future relationship with your child and our family.  No matter the circumstances of our next adoption, I know that it will be a whirlwind of emotions.   

            I realize that I will never fully understand what you are going through.   I only hope that my love and support can help to alleviate some of your pain.   I pray that we can build a relationship based on mutual trust and love.   I can promise you that your precious little one will have a life full of love.   I can also promise that they will not only know who you are, but will be given opportunities to know you, and feel of your love for them.            

Our hearts have been prepared to embrace not only another child, but another birthmother into our family.   

With Love,